Recommended Restaurants & Groceries for vueCentro Historico Visitors

The following are places to eat that we personally bring our guests and family for food while staying at vueCentro Historico. We are pleased that of our guests that travel North America and Europe and dine at some of the best places in the world, have found Old Mazatlan to have world class food choices and experiences. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, again just where we personally bring our friends.


8. La Corriente

Some of our guests go to La Corriente to lie on the beach chairs and have the waiters bring cold beers (About USD$1.50) and a taco or tostada ( about USD$2.50). We recommend these small plates over the larger meals with our favorites being the Kalifornia or Mazatlan taco and the favorite tostada being the Red Snapper tostada, try them all. Sometimes we jokingly refer it as the vue Beach Club and a must to try at least once during your visit. We recommend the 25 minute walk North along the malecon(seawall) or taking a 5 minute (30 peso) Pulmonia Taxi ride. Bring your beach towel from the room as the loungers are vinyl and much more comfortable lying on with a towel and safe to swim here most days.

9. Lety’s on Stone Island

Lety’s has been a favorite beach day trip for tourists since the 1960s and still is one of the best place for smoked fish, cold beer and lying in the sun. The ocean here is calm and shallow so bring your snorkel and mask along with your beach towel. The place fills up, so better to come at 10 a.m. and have a great lunch and leave before dusk. You can take a 50 pesos pulmonia ride and ask for the Playa Sur Ferry Dock for Stone Island. You then pay a 25 peso return panga ( 15 person boat) ride over and then a 15 minute walk along the sand. Our favorites for lunch is the smoked whole fish ( about USD$7), shrimp skewers (about USD$8) or chicken skewers (about USD$8).


1. Via Condotti ( breakfast, Gelato )

Our favorite place to start the mornings is grabbing a prime outdoor sidewalk location on the comfortable equipale chairs. What we consider is among the best coffee in Mazatlan, locally roasted Chiapas blend and slow poured for a craft taste. Also, full barista line-up including espresso’s, lattes and smoothies (try the berry blast about USD$3) which compliments a full european style breakfast line-up. We recommend the Italian Breakfast skillet (USD $8) or the French Toast with strawberries (USD$6). After breakfast you can get the Hector’s Bistro menu for lunch outside or simple have an italian style Gelati (USD$2), which one italian told us the double chocolate is better than in Italy.

2. Allegro ( breakfast )

Full line of coffee shop drinks and has many interesting and pleasant breakfast choices as well including the Sunny Start one egg sandwich (USD$4) and waffles with strawberries and whip cream ( USD$6)

3. Hector’s Bistro (lunch)

Our favorite thing to do for lunch is to go to Hector’s Bistro and split one of his incredible sandwiches. We particularly like his chicken aioli sandwhich, which is served with a side salad. We do feel a little like stealing this as we both dine for USD$9 and feel like we have had a light gourmet healthy lunch. I have had friends go back and order the Roast Beef au jeu (USD$10) everyday saying it was the best they had. Many other people prefer the burgers, fresh artisan salads or myriad other items on the menu which changes daily in accordance with the fresh ingredients available.


10. Mercado Culinario (Bakery, Fresh Produce)

A short 15 minute stroll brings you to the Culinary Market where BredHaus has local favorite fresh baked European Sourdough loaves from Tuesday to Saturday and fresh pastries including incredible cinnamon rolls, european delicacies such as Canelés every Monday to Saturday starting at 8:30 am until sold out. After getting your bread, wander across the aisle to visit Felix and his family at Fresh Boutique to pick up local produce you need that day. There is also MercaMar, owned by a local fishing company where seafood and fish is flash frozen for economical meal ideas including sauces to go along with your seafood choices.

11. Mega (Super Market)

This is a full service grocery store that we are all used to in the US or Canada. Especially for those staying over a week, one or two stocking trips to Mega is recommended. Every Pulmonia Taxi driver knows where it is and we pay 70 pesos for the ride. We like to shop there and time it to go across the street for brochetas after we also bought some red wine from Mega to go with our meal ( see number 12).

12. Pino Suarez Marcado (Market Stalls)

This is a traditional Mexican Market and a 20 minute stroll. The building is about 100 years old and built in the open steel structure style popular in France at the time and has about 250 vendors. Be prepared for the odor of raw meat and the persistent sales efforts of t-shirts. That being said, it is a great place to see and buying a variety of items including haggling for gift trinkets to bring home. However, we do not recommend dining here as a tourist as standards vary (but many Canadians and Americans do).


3. Hector’s Bistro (European)

While the 15 seats at the bar are always open seating, reservations (stop by the Bistro for day of and next days reservations but send a message through to reserve earlier) are recommended for every night (closed Sunday) for dinner as this place is full all 12 months with the upper end Mexican evening dining crowd. In true European Style the dinner ranges from the always incredible duck tagliatelle (USD $13) to approachable casual food such as a healthy tuna steak salad (USD$11). It is still a bistro, so the atmosphere is casual but the food is truly great and always brings the highest reviews from my guests who appreciate fine food in the best restaurants in Vancouver, L.A. or London.

4. Pedro & Lola (Mexican & Seafood)

One of the special treasures is the open air garden square Plazuela Muchado, which is car free on Wednesday through Sunday nights (so avoid Monday and Tuesday). A favorite restaurant of International Tourists and Mexicans alike is Pedro & Lola. It will not win points for five star food but the combination of good Mexican Seafood fare, friendly service, live music most nights ( see for up to date music listings) and the magic of the square make it a repeat favorite. We recommend the Imperial Shrimp with large shrimp stuffed with bacon and cheese (USD $15), Mixed Fajitas (USD$10) or Pork Shank Tacos (USD$5). Be sure to act like a local and ask for your Margarita on the rocks and specify Hornitos tequila (USD$6), be carefull with these babies as in a large glass and we have had to carry home some people who drank just one on an empty stomach after a day in the sun. No reservations needed.

5. Topolo’s (Mexican)

Another reservations recommended space that features outdoor dining in a classical colonial courtyard a 20 minute stroll from vueCentro Historico. Your dinner begins with a complimentary salsa prepared at your table to your choice of mild, medium or hot. For main courses we recommend the Pork Shank served with vegetables and mashed potatoes (USD$15) or the Tequila Shrimp (USD$15), for a fun dessert we recommend the banana flambe (USD$15) also prepared at the table.

1. Via Condotti (Pizza)

Chef Hector’s latest creation is bringing neapolitan style pizza to Mazatlan using the finest ingredients for discerning palates ( for Dominos, just wait until you get back home). While pizza choices change daily with the availability of fresh ingredients, we recommend the prosciutto especial (USD$18 for 2). Also a selection of fresh salads. For dessert, you can get a homemade italian Gelato (USD$2) and cappuccino as Via Condotti is open late to accompany your evening dining.

6. Casa Garcia (El Presideo and La Companiera ; Mexican)

One of the nicest open air patios in Mazatlan is El Presidio, having a fantastic ambiance and some really tasty small plates such as duck tacos ( USD$10). The ambiance is good for dinner mainly featuring seafood, but we found the highest satisfaction from our guests was sticking with small plates and drinks. They have also an indoor seating area some people enjoy (not us) as well as indoor seating at sister restaurant La Companiera. Again we recommend having several of the smaller plates such as the pork tostada (USD$3) and is a casual place for a nice beer with friends.

7. Las Brochetas (Grilled Meats)

Always a favorite after shopping at Mega, a 70 peso cab ride brings you to the open air casual long time Mazatlan favorite Las Brochetas. Please note that it opens at 5 pm and does not have a liquor licence so bring your own booze (wine is available at Mega across the street) and the positive is that they open the bottle and supply glasses without a corkage charge. We recommend the Filete (Tenderloin) large beef skewer (USD$13) a couple of pesos more than the other cuts of beef, but well worth it.